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The Propane Appliance Store Is located In Kamloops BC And Has Been A Supplier Of Propane Appliances For Many Years And Acquired A Reputation Of Excellency and Professionalism. Where Ever There Is No Household Electricity The Propane Appliance Store Has The Answer. At Your Cabin, lake Or Mountain Retreat, Never Be Without The Comfort That Can Make Your Vacation A Better Experience .

Recreation Begins When You Take Your Comforts With You!

Although Propane Refrigerators And Gas Refrigerators Are Our Specialty, The Following Products Complement Your Outdoor Experience: Propane Freezers, Kerosene Refrigerator, Propane Lights, Gas Light, Tankless Water Heaters, Direct Gas Heaters, Washer Dryer Combo VentFree 110V, Used Propane Refrigerators

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 Information on Propane Appliances:

A Propane Refrigerator, Gas Refrigerator or Propane Refrigerators

for your weekend home, for your cabin or for you wilderness hide out, could be your most practical way of getting some ice cubes into your drink when you are ready for a cool down on a hot summer's day.

Benefits of a Propane Refrigerator: Many people are discovering the benefits of a propane refrigerator. Also known as an absorption refrigerator, a propane refrigerator uses a propane burner instead of the electrically powered pump normally found in the standard electrical refrigerator. Among the benefits of a propane gas refrigerator is that it is portable and is available in a number of sizes. The RV propane refrigerator is popular among outdoor enthusiasts and more importantly is more environmentally friendly than its electrical counterparts. So key benefit is that a propane refrigerator does not need electrical power to function and therefore can be used off-the grid or wherever there is no electrical power. To understand fully the benefits of a propane gas refrigerator you need to know how it works. Ammonia is used as coolant in the propane gas refrigerator. A continuous refrigeration cycle is created using water, ammonia and hydrogen in the five main parts, namely the generator, separator, condenser, evaporator and absorber. A propane burner below the generator heats the water and ammonia. The temperature of the solution rises and eventually reaches boiling point, at which point it is carried to the separator via a pipe. In the separator, the water and ammonia are separated with the ammonia becoming a gas and rising upwards into the condenser and the water going into the absorber where it is stored for later use. The benefits of a propane refrigerator depend on this condenser which dissipates the heated ammonia and turns it back into its liquid form. The ammonia is then mixed in the evaporator with compressed hydrogen and forms a freezing vapour inside the fridge. There are a number of important benefits of a propane refrigerator. For one thing, they don't need cleaning as often as normal fridges, just once or twice a year is more than enough. Another of the benefits of a propane refrigerator is that it easier to maintain as there is no compressor unit and no batteries that need to be charged. It is in environmental terms though that the benefits of a propane refrigerator are most clear. Propane refrigerators or gas refrigerators are not dependant on electrical power and also don't contain the harmful substances that contribute to the greenhouse effect that many conventional fridges do. Because of the benefits of a propane refrigerator, the Propane Appliance Store offers a wide selection of gas refrigerator and propane refrigerator for your cabin or hide-out off the grid. A  Propane Refrigerator, Gas Refrigerator or Propane Refrigerators from The Propane Appliance Store will give you a reliable silent operation to meet your needs.     

Propane Freezers or Gas Freezers

are still available for your cabin, off the grid home or your next fishing or hunting trip. The portable three way propane freezer is ideal for wilderness explorations and fishing. Gas freezer or a propane freezer are also a great addition to your boat or ship. Propane freezer or gas freezer are still available for your cabin, off the grid home or your next fishing or hunting trip. No Electricity needed.

Tankless  Gas Water Heaters

from Bosch and Paloma. Tankless Water Heater (also called On-Demand or Instantaneous Water Heaters)A tankless water heater has no tank and stores no hot water. When hot water is needed, the water is heated on demand. When the hot water tap is turned on it triggers a flow switch that activates the burner which heats the cold water entering the tankless water heater. The water is rapidly heated to the desired temperature. This continues for as long as the hot water tap remains in the ‘on’ position. When the tap is turned off the system shuts down resulting in substantial energy savings over units that have hot water stored in the tank on ‘stand-by’. You will never have to worry about running out of hot water again. The tankless water heater will last you a life time since all parts are made out of copper, stainless steel and brass. Tankless gas hot water heaters will save you money because no energy is used to keep water hot in a tank hot. No electricity is needed just propane. Perfect for your wilderness-retreat. Buy a Tankless gas hot water heater.

Benefits of Tankless water heaters-also called instantaneous, continuous flow, inline, flash, on-demand, or instant-on water heaters—are gaining in popularity. These high-power water heaters instantly heat water as it flows through the device, and do not retain any water internally except for what is in the heat exchanger coil. Cooper heat exchangers are preferred in these units because of their high thermal conductivity and ease of fabrication. Tankless heaters may be installed throughout a household at more than one point-of-use (POU), far from a central water heater, or larger centralized models may still be used to provide all the hot water requirements for an entire house. The main advantages of tankless water heaters are a plentiful continuous flow of hot water (as compared to a limited flow of continuously heated hot water from conventional tank water heaters), and potential energy savings under some conditions. A tankless water heater can save space and offer flexibility being able to be installed close to the point of use. Long term energy savings: Though a tankless water heater typically costs more initially, it usually costs less to operate because of lower energy use—since it only heats water when required instead of continuously maintaining a tank of heated water. Even homes or buildings with high demand for hot water may realize some level of savings. If instant hot water at taps at limited hours is a priority, a recirculation system can be accommodated by using an Bosch and timer to decrease the added heat loss from the recirculation system. If the storage tank of an electric heater is highly insulated, so that the outer surface of the tank is only slightly warmer than the ambient air, the savings with a tankless heater is less. Unlimited hot water: Though flow rate determines the amount of hot water the heater can produce, it can deliver it at that flow rate indefinitely. However, this can also be an ecological disadvantage, as running out of hot water limits use, but a tankless heater provides no such limit. Less physical space: Most tankless water heaters can be mounted on a wall or internally in a building's structure. This means less physical space must be dedicated to heating water. Even systems that can't be mounted on walls take up less space than a tank-type water heater. Reduced risk of water damage: No stored water means there is no risk of water damage from a tank failure or rupture, though pipe or fitting failure remains possible. Temperature compensation A temperature compensating valve tends to eliminate the issue where the temperature and pressure from tankless heaters decrease during continuous use. Most new generation tankless water heaters stabilize water pressure and temperature by a bypass valve and a mixing valve incorporated in the unit. Modern tankless are not inversely proportional, because they regulate the amount of water they heat and discharge, and therefore stabilize water temperature by using a flow control valve. Temperature change, not flow speed, is the issue the water heater must address. The wider the temperature rise, the less flow from the unit—the smaller the temperature rise, the greater the flow. The flow control valve, in conjunction with thermistors, maintains a stable temperature throughout the use of the unit. Safety Tankless Water Heaters precisely control water temperature, which means dangerous temperature levels and spikes are less likely. All parts are made of cooper, stainless steel and brass. A instant Bosch hot water heater for life.      

Direct Vent Heaters

heat larger areas is convenient and economical with Empire's Direct-Vent units. Delivering ample, room-filling warmth, each furnace is stylishly crafted and fits against an outside wall, Complete with venting for east installation against an outside wall - Silent warm Heat. Compact and economical, direct-vent room heaters and wall furnaces don't need a chimney and can be installed on any exterior wall. They are self-contained sealed combustion heating appliances that draw air in and discharge combustion by-products outside through a vent. They are permanently attached to the structure of a building, recreational vehicle or mobile home, and are not connected to ductwork. Direct-vent heaters don't need a chimney and can be installed on any exterior wall. This means that no household heat is lost up the chimney, and additional vent pipes, ducts or chimneys are not needed. No electrcity need. Great for your Cabin and off the grid home.

Propane Lights and Gas Lights

were designed for Home, Cottage, Cabins, Trailers, Boats or wherever lighting is required, for every day, decorative or emergency use. Propane lights have proven to be efficient and dependable for decades. Propane lights or gas light's graceful curve design of solid polished brass highlights the quiet elegance of old world styling as well as providing a lifelong attractive finish. Camping enthusiasts love to sit under the stars, listening to ambient sounds drifting in the background – the chirping of grasshoppers, the croaking of frogs, the crackling of the campfire. For many adults, these camping memories also include the hissing of a propane light nearby. The propane camping light has long been the traditional choice for camping illumination. In 1885, Austrian chemist Auer von Welsbach invented the durable thorium mantle, which created the basis for 100 years of propane lantern technology. (Historians note that Welsbach was partially driven by the competition of the incandescent electric light.) The propane lantern became a powerful source of light, providing the equivalent of a 70-watt light bulb. Light up your weekend home and wilderness hide out with single or double propane light or gas light from The Propane Appliance Store.

Propane Ranges and Gas Ranges:

Surveys continually prove that consumers prefer to cook with propane gas because it provides more precise temperature control and heat delivery than electricity. Propane cooking appliances can integrate style and functionality into any new home, regardless of its size or architectural style. The Propane Appliance Store offer two kinds of propane gas ranges. Propane ranges with the pilot style ignition system and also a battery operated ignition system with heaver grates. The wide variety of propane ranges, ovens, and cook tops available today can give homebuyers and contractors a choice of unique and functional kitchen designs. Various energy-savings features (such as pilotless ignition and improved insulation) are also available on propane cooking appliances. These features can reduce gas consumption by 30-50%, further increasing propane’s cost advantage over electricity.
Benefitsof Propane Ranges:
Propane cooking appliances offer several advantages that make them an attractive option for homebuyers who want optimum performance at a reasonable cost:

  • Cooking with propane, on average, costs less than half of cooking with electricity.
  • Gas will respond instantly, while electric elements will not.
  • Gas burners do not have problems with warped-bottom pans, whereas electric heat elements require flat-bottom pans to maximize their cooking ability.
  • A gas cook top with electric ignition has the lowest annual operating cost, while gas cook tops with standing pilots and electric cook tops cost about the same to operate.
  • Gas provides more even heat across the bottom of pots and in the oven, which means fewer hot spots to scorch sauces or burn cakes and casseroles.
  • Pilotless ignitions on propane stoves eliminate the need for a constant pilot light, saving a homeowner 40% overall in energy use.
  • Unlike electrical appliances, many propane cooking appliances are not affected by power outages.
  • Propane appliances are available with the latest technology. Whatever is new in appliances is available with propane – convection ovens, sealed burners for easy cleaning, griddles and grill tops, even deep fryers. In general, cooking appliances have low efficiencies. Standard propane cook top burners are roughly 40% efficient and standard propane ovens have efficiencies around 10% (Source: “Residential Appliances,” by E SOURCE, Inc., 1996, and DOE). Efficiency is defined as the amount of energy absorbed by the food divided by the energy produced. Propane-fueled cook tops offer instant heat and absolute temperature control, allowing users to adjust from a boil to a simmer in seconds. Propane provides a more even heat across the bottom of pots and pans, which means fewer hot spots to scorch sauces or burn the tops of cakes and casseroles. Ninety seven percent of professional chefs prefer cooking with gas (American Gas Association). Pilotless ignitions on propane stoves eliminate the need for a constant pilot light, saving homeowners money.

Washer Dryer Combo

is becoming very popular in North America. The washer dryer combo is vent free and runs on 110V. The inner and outer tub is made out of stainless steel. It fits in the closet, under the counter, in the bedroom or where ever space is limited.
A combo washer dryer (also known more simply as a washer-dryer in the UK ) is a combination in a single cabinet of a washing machine and aclothes dryer. It should not be confused with a "stackable" combination of a separate washing machine and a separate clothes dryer. Combination washer dryers are popular amongst those living in smaller urban properties as they only need half the amount of space usually required for a separate washing machine andclothe dryer, and may not require an external air vent. Additionally, combination washer dryers allow clothes to be washed and dried "in one go", saving time and effort from the user. Many washer dryer combo units are also designed to be portable so they can be attached to a sink instead of requiring a separate water line. Washer dryer combinations are a type of home appliances that handles the basic laundering duties of washing and drying clothes. These machines are often referred to as "combo washer dryers" or "all-in-one washer dryers," but basically the washer dryer combo is the size of a standard or compact washing machine, but is able to perform both washing and drying functions. Designed to handle different types of fabric and garments such as clothes, sheets, and towels, washer dryer combos usually have functions such as temperature controls, customizable cycle controls, and ventless systems. While combo washer dryers are not as effective and efficient as some full-sized, fully functional, separate washer and dryer machines, the combos provide a viable option for those who can benefit from having a compact machine that is able to wash and dry clothes.

The history of the washer dryer combo is part of the history of washing machines and drying machines. For centuries, the necessity to wash and dry clothing has been almost as basic as the necessity of clothing itself. However, before washing and drying machines were invented, the laundering of clothes was done by hand at rivers, streams, or other sources of water. Rocks, sticks, corrugated wash boards, and other rudimentary tools were often used to help in the washing process. After a good wash, the clothes would be left to dry in the sun. People then learned to use cranks, levers, and rollers to create the first washing and drying machines. The scrub board was then invented in 1797. Instead of pounding the dirty laundry with a rock, launderers used the washboard for scrubbing away the grime. Although easier than the earlier methods of cleaning clothes, it was still laborious for people then who had to use harsh lye soaps and hot water

Benefits of Washer-dryer combination:The main benefit of washer dryer combination units is their compactness. The small size of these machines compared to the total space consumed by a separate washer and dryer suits them to small homes, apartments, condominiums, and any place where space is an issue. Aside from having a small footprint, combo units also have a small height, allowing them to fit into confined places, like under a kitchen counter or in a closet.Another potential benefit of combo washer dryers, compared to larger, separate machines, is portability. Some models have wheels that make it easy to move them in and out of different rooms, cabinets, or closets, and the ability to operate without dedicated gas or electrical outlets nor exhaust ducts also makes installing or relocating a machine easier (non-condensing ventless machines can cause humidity problems, however). Some of these machines have even been installed in recreational vehicles. Some washer dryer combination units are Energy Star certified, which means that they meet a minimum standard for energy efficiency. Some of these washers are also rated well for their water consumption.Washer dryer combination units have most of the features found in modern washing and drying machines. Combination machines, despite being half the size of a separate washer and dryer setup, may have a similar price because they still contain all the component parts of both.

Used Propane Refrigerators:

Please call us on available stock on used propane refrigerators and gas refrigerator. Sometimes we have the old Servel propane refrigerator models that have rounded corners and an old stylish look. Please also check our Used propane refrigerator section.


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