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Propane Refrigerator Information
The Propane Appliance Store Is located In Kamloops BC and Has Been A Supplier Of Propane Appliances For Many Years - specializing in Propane Refrigerators And has acquired A Reputation Of Excellency and Professionalism. Where Ever There Is No Household Electricity The Propane Appliance Store Has The Answer. At Your Cabin, lake Or Mountain Retreat, Never Be Without The Comfort That Can Make Your Vacation A Better Experience . Cool drinks and frozen food is possible with our selection of propane refrigerators. Off Grid Appliances have become more popular in the last decades as our world around us has enjoyed peace and prosperity for a long time. Canada, British Columbia, Alberta have become a target retirement place and holiday destination for many people from around the world.Young and old enjoy life off the grid where Propane refrigerators are one of the important things people do not want to be without. Propane Stoves and Propane heaters and also propane lights all run only on propane as a power source. Propane gas, in it's liquid form can store all the energy that you need. The propane Appliance Store not only sells propane appliances for your off grid living, but also understands them. Qualified technicians, propane refrigerator parts, propane stove parts, propane heater parts, propane light parts and propane freezer parts are close at hand.

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Although Propane Refrigerators And Gas Refrigerators Are Our Specialty, The Following Products Complement Your Outdoor Experience: Propane Freezers, Kerosene Refrigerator, Propane Lights, Gas Light, Tankless Water Heaters, Direct Gas Heaters, Washer Dryer Combo VentFree 110V, Used Propane Refrigerators
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