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Propane appliances gas grill kerosene refrigerator tankless gas water heater for the remote location where electricity is hard to find


Propane appliances gas grill propane refrigerator kerosene refrigerator propane freezers tankless gas water heater and mor for your wilderness hide out

Propane Refrigerator, Gas refrigerator, Propane Freezer, Kerosene Refrigerator, Propane Light, Gas Light, Tankless Water Heaters, VentFree Gas heaters, Washer Dryer Combo VentFree 110V, Used Propane Refrigerator

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A propane refrigerator or gas refrigerator for your weekend home for your cabin for you wilderness hide out could be your most practical way of getting some ice cubes into your drink when you are ready for a cool down on a hot summer's day. A Propane refrigerator from The Propane Appliance Store will give you a reliable silent propane refrigerator to meet your needs. 

Tankless gas water heater from Bosch and Paloma will bring you instant tankless hot water. You will never have to worry about running out of hot water again. The tankless water heater will last you a life time  since all parts are made out of copper, stainless steel and brass. Tankless gas hot water heaters will safe you money because no energy is used to keep water hot in a tank. No electricity is needed just propane. Perfect for your wilderness retreat. Tankless gas hot water heaters.      

Propane light and  Gas Light were designed for Home, Cottage, Cabins, Trailers, Boats or wherever lighting is required, for everyday, decorative or emergency use. Propane lights have proven to be efficient and dependable for decades. Propane lights or gas light's graceful curve design of solid polished brass highlights the quiet elegance of old world styling as well as providing a lifelong attractive finish. Light up your weekend home and wilderness hide out with a single or double propane light or gas light from The Propane Appliance Store.
Believe it or not a Kerosene refrigerator is still available from The Propane Appliance Store. When propane or electricity is not an option a Kerosene refrigerator could be your solution to an ice cold drink on a hot summer's day. Spending time in the bush does not mean you have to go without the comforts of modern life. Kerosene refrigerator. 
The Patio propane refrigerator is a portable propane refrigerator that comes with carry handle and also runs on 110V and 12V. It goes onto your patio, into the back of your pick up into your cabin or where ever an occasion comes up. It is very mobile. An other propane gas refrigerator from The Propane Appliance Store.
Propane freezer or gas freezer are still available for your cabin, off the grid home or your next fishing or hunting trip. The portable three way propane freezer is ideal for wilderness explorations. Gas freezer are also a great addition to your boat or ship.
Washer dryer combo are becoming very popular in North America. The washer dryer combo is vent free and runs on 110V. The inner and outer tub are made out of stainless steel. It fits in the closet, under the counter, in the bedroom or where ever space is limited.
Direct Vent Heaters Heating larger areas is convenient and economical with Empire's Direct-Vent units. Delivering ample, room-filling warmth, each furnace is stylishly crafted and fits against an outside wall, Complete with venting for east installation against an outside wall - Silent warm Heat